Bybit Data Plugin

Cryptocurrency realtime data in Amibroker

General Information About The Plugin

Bybit Data Plugin provides cryptocurrency data from Bybit Exchange.

Minimum supported version of Amibroker is 5.27

With standard settings bar time is provided in UTC time zone.

Lowest supported interval is 1m.

Linear, inverse and spot symbols are supported.

Realtime streaming works only for linear symbols.

Plugin Installation

1. Copy both BybitDataPlugin.dll to C:\Program Files (x86)\Amibroker\Plugins (or to corresponding x64 directory for 64-bit dll)

2. Close Amibroker (if it was open) and start again

Amibroker Database Configuration:

  1. File -> New -> Database
  2. Enter database name (for example: 'BybitData1H') and uncheck 'Load database at startup'
  3. Press 'Create'
  4. As a Data Source choose 'Bybit Data Plugin'
  5. Enter number of bars - 100.000 minimum, for 1min interval it is better to set more, like 200-300 thousands
  6. Choose desired interval - like 1h
  7. Press 'OK'

You can find more detailed information about Database Settings and Intraday Settings here. Intraday to EOD compression is described here. Global Intraday settings are described here (in 'Intraday tab' section).

To indicate whether a symbol is linear, inverse or spot you should use LIN:, INV: or SPOT: prefix respectively. After entering the symbol available on Bybit, like 'LIN:BTCUSDT', and confirming that you want to add this symbol to the database, in a short moment chart should be populated with data for the chosen symbol.

Backfilling Historical Data

To extend historical data double-click on a chart while holding <Ctrl><Shift> key combination.